Javier Rodriguez Rios (1987, Cordoba, Spain) began playing the piano at the age of 9 being a student of Ramón Cabanillas at the conservatoire in his hometown. At the age of 12 he composed his first pieces and soon after that he began to engage in collaborations as a self-taught producer working on his own.

After completing his professional piano studies Javier Rodriguez Rios started a higher education course in Musical Composition in Granada, studying with Francisco González Pastor and Juan Cruz Guevara. At this stage he went through various courses related to sound, jazz music, improvisation, contemporary composition and composition for the audiovisual media. During this period he attended classes given, among others, by: Christopher Young, Blake Neely, Gary Burton, Lucas Vidal, Conrado Xalabarder, Alfons Conde, José Manuel López López, Nuria Núñez Hierro, Jose López-Montes, Will Offermans, Rafael Liñán, Pedro Guajardo, etc.

Javier Rodriguez Rios has composed music for solo piano, chamber music, music for symphonic orchestra, documentaries, theater, improvisation as well as designed sound for video games, cinema trailers, TV commercials, etc. He has also collaborated as a producer and has participated in numerous festivals as a performer within various musical groups as well as a soloist.

Javier Rodriguez Rios combines his teaching activity (in Escuela Online de Música) with composition and performance of music for audiovisual media (cinema, TV, video games) and concerts (in Music & Sound Lab). In his own studio he makes recordings, arrangements, transcriptions and productions for various artists.